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Magician vibe intensifies. [x]

was that a flip off

That was a flip off.

theeeeeeeeere’s the twelve that tumblr was waiting for

Many thanks!



Basically my afternoon because I needed something art-sy

Please don’t let stat be the new physics or conpsci

Just ran into my summer bridge counselor!! Catching up with random people is awesome

Sep 18th+1
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Awkward encounters are awkward ooooof

There are some people who seem distracted no matter what they’re doing and it’s intriguing to wonder about what else is on their mind

Sep 18th+0
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Today, my English professor overheard a group of us talking about the poetry slam. He old me that if I wanted to pass the class, then I have to audition. (It was in jest, but dang).

Stat makes me want to dig a hole, dye my hair green, paint my face orange, and stand in the hole pretending to be a carrot because anything is better than this class right. I. Am. Dying. 

Sharing crayons

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Why do I let myself stay up so late????

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